Hui Ye | Lip synch

While reading text fragments in Chinese and German, the artist Hui Ye captured her own lip movements with a camera. In collaboration, Yana Kovrigina and Serge Prokofiev are invited to create synchronous speech in Russian and/or English for the video clips (without sound) portraying Ye’s lip movements. By following the same concept, both Moscow-based artists have created several silent video clips and in turn, these videos depicting their lip movements are overdubbed by Hui Ye via synchronous speaking in Chinese and/or German. Moreover, the original meaning of all spoken texts (in different languages) remain unknown for all three artists. Due to a precise concept of exchanging and reinterpreting sound/text and images in the act of speaking, Lip synch aims to examine and deconstruct the fundamental function of language. Whilst removing the original auditive/linguistic information, the “spoken” images have become the visual notation for performances in which languages have been turned into senseless audio-visual expressions.

Concept & Postproduction: Hui Ye
Realization: Yana Kovrigina, Serge Prokofiev, Hui Ye

Hui Ye is media and sound artist based in Vienna, Austria. Having an artistic background as composer and sound performer, exploring the relationship between sound and moving image, along with experimenting with how these time-based media can be mutually transformed in extended and challenging ways, is one the main concern of her work. As an artist from China, who is based in Vienna/Europe since decade, Ye observes and understands her personal experience as a state of being ‘in-between‘ which influences her artistic practice. The question of how social identity is shaped by different cultural and political context is of great importance in her most recent projects. Hui Ye received several scholarships and prizes, i.a. state scholarship for composition by BKA Austria 2015 and Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2018.Her works were shown internationally, e.g. at Kunsthalle Wien, Künstlerhaus Wien, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Krinzinger Projekte (Vienna, Austria); Ohrenhoch Sound Gallery (Berlin, Germany); WRO Media Arts Biennial 2017, 2019 (Wroclaw, Poland); am Art Space (Shanghai, China), Duddell’s (Hongkong) and Times Museum (Guangzhou, China).


Hui Ye wurde in Kanton, China geboren. Sie lebt und arbeitet als Medien- und Soundkünstlerin in Wien. In ihrer Arbeit konzentriert Ye sich auf individuelle auditive Wahrnehmunsphänomene, die vielfältigen Beziehungen zwischen Hör- und Sichtbarem, sowie auf die Transformationen von auditiven und visuellen Elementen. Als Künstlerin aus China, die seit Jahren ihren Lebensschwerpunkt in Wien hat, spielt der fortwährender Zustand des „Dazwischenseins“ eine zentrale Rolle in ihrem Leben. Die Frage, wie soziale Identität in unterschiedlichen kulturellen und politischen Kontexten gestaltet werden kann, steht ebenfalls im Zentrum ihrer aktuellen, künstlerischen Praxis. Hui Ye erhielt mehrere Stipendien und Preise, u.a. Staatsstipendium für Komposition von BKA Austria 2015 und Kunsthalle Wien Preis 2018. Ihre Arbeiten wurden international präsentiert, u.a. in der Kunsthalle Wien, Künstlerhaus Wien, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Krinzinger Projekte (Wien, Österreich); Ohrenhoch Sound Gallery (Berlin, Deutschland); WRO Media Arts Biennial 2017 und 2019 (Wroclaw, Polen); am Art Space (Shanghai, China), Duddell’s (Hongkong) und Times Museum (Guangzhou, China).