Erla | Music Lost in Cities
Soundwalk, 2021

d v a l i g o l a early February, but soon I will come aliveā€¦

Music Lost In Cities is an ode to everyday sounds in Vienna moments before spring awakens.
The sounds were gathered with a soundswalk and translated into text that shaped into soil layers on paper,
creating the emotional landscape surrounding and existing in cities.

cars full of cities and leaves that already left

The electroacoustic composition is inspired by the multitudes of sounds found hidden in the soundwalk,
following the threaded lines of the trams and the carefully planned pavement. The music of the city is constant,
it lurks around us and does not follow a form. The composition uses field recording and creates a short
moment for the listener to feel the city on a deeper level.

you are the city I am the choir

After listening, feel free to dive into the sounds of the environment surrounding you and see if they spark words,
sentences or poetry within you.